Dietary Fibre Guide: Food, Sources, And Supplements

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What Is Dietary Fibre?

Dietary fibre, also known as roughage, is a term used to describe plant-based carbohydrates that are indigestible in the human gastrointestinal system. According to American Heart Association (AHA), daily intake of dietary fibre should be 25g for calorie meal.

Type Of Dietary Fibre

There are two types of dietary fibres, namely soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. All soluble fibres slow down the digestion process—Thus, increases the time taken for your body to absorb sugar from the food. This helps to avoid a rapid increase in blood sugar level thus being useful in diabetes management. Soluble fibres also bind with fatty acids and get excreted together out of the body, thus reducing LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) level. On the other hand, insoluble fibres provide moisture and move waste products in the intestines, thus helping in constipation.

Dietary Fibre Sources

Both types of fibres can be obtained from food and supplements. Food that has rich soluble fibres including oats, beans, peas, legumes, sweet potatoes, apples, mangoes, berries, kiwis and peaches. Food that contains insoluble fibres are skins of fruits, skins of beans, potato skins, whole-grain, whole wheat and whole bran cereal products, brown rice, seeds, broccoli, spinach, carrots, cucumber, celery, lettuce and tomatoes. If the fibre intake from food intake is not sufficient, fibre supplements are recommended instead. However, for those who need fibre for heart-protective properties, it is recommended to obtain the fibre from daily diet intake.

Dietary Fibre Benefits

Fibre helps to prevent constipation because the stool during constipation is dry and hard. This is where fibre comes in handy where it will help pull water from your colon and make your stool softer and easier to be excreted. Besides, fibre also helps in diarrhoea where the stool is very loose during diarrhoea because there is too much water in the colon. Soluble fibre works by absorbing excess fluid in the large intestine and making a loose stool harder. Fibre can also improve heart disease and blood pressure because fibre can reduce LDL cholesterol levels, also known as bad cholesterol, in the body. A high LDL level is the main risk factor for heart disease. Moreover, fibre can also maintain the health of the gastrointestinal system by encouraging the growth of healthy gut microbiota and preventing constipation. Fibre also works in reducing high blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of sugar in our body thus preventing diabetes.  A specific type of fibre, which is soluble fibre, is a natural appetite suppressant which helps to suppress appetite, thus reducing calorie intake and reducing weight. 

Fibre Supplements

In general, most of the fibre supplements are taken mainly for constipation prevention rather than reducing cholesterol levels and high blood sugar levels. They are available in many forms, including capsules, powder, and chewable tablets, which contain functional fibre that are extracted either from natural sources or produced in a lab. Some of the examples of natural fibres are lignin, cellulose, pectin, gum, and psyllium while manufactured fibres include maltodextrins, polydextrose and polyols.

Best Fibre Supplements In Malaysia

Esyms has partnerships and connections with the largest network of independent pharmacies in Malaysia. Through our knowledge of pharmacy products in Malaysia, we have curated a list of Best Fibre Supplements in Malaysia.

1) Nestle Nutren Fibre 800g

nestle nutren fibre

Nestle Nutren Fibre is designated for optimal gastrointestinal function. It contains prebiotic, high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, which is usually recommended for patients who undergo medical care and tube feeding in the long term. It can also be used as the source of nutrition or as a supplement. It is a gluten-free and lactose-free product.

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2) Nutrasols Fibrenu

nutrasol fibrenu

Nutrasols Fibrenu is a cleansing functional drink that is extracted from 100% of natural organic fruit fibre. It maintains optimum health of intestines by cleansing and strengthening the colon while improving intestinal integrity and nutrient absorption. It contains both soluble and insoluble fibres, prebiotics, and chlorophyll.

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3) Beauxlim Lemon Mix Fibre Complex

Beauxlim Lemon Mix Fibre is a functional fibre drink that originates from 100% plant-based ingredients, including lemon and green tea. It contains fibre, green tea extract, lemon extract, inulin, and vitamin C. Lemon helps to improve digestion and cleanse the body while green tea extract helps to reduce weight by increasing metabolism and rate of fat digestion in the body.

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4) Abbott Surbex Nutri-Fibre

Abbott Surbex Nutri-Fibre​

Abbott Surbex Nutri Fibre is a fibre supplement that helps to maintain regular bowel movement. It is formulated from wheat dextrin powder, which is a soluble non-viscous fibre that has a neutral taste. It is sodium and sugar-free and suitable for long term use.

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5) Fybogel


Fybogel is a natural fibre drink extracted from Ispaghula husk and Ispage that is used to treat constipation. It should be taken by mixing with plenty of water. It is usually taken after food and needs 2 to 3 days to work.

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6) Total Image Puri Cleanx Capsule 500mg

Total Image Puri Cleanx Capsule

Total Image Puri Cleanx Capsule is formulated with natural ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia extract that helps to detox the body and maintain body weight. The ingredients work together to provide energy and improve body natural fat digestion and metabolism while suppressing appetite.

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7) Megalive Avo-Kenz

Megalive Avo-Kenz

Megalive Avo-Kenz is a detox and body cleansing formulation drink that comes with 100% natural ingredients. It contains both soluble and insoluble fibres that are extracted mainly from vegetables and fruits, inulin, prebiotic and enzymes that work together to maintain the health of the gastrointestinal system.

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8) Sustinex Dietary Fibre Smoothie

Sustinex Dietary Fibre Smoothie​

Sustinex Dietary Fibre Smoothie is a low Glycaemic Index (GI) fibre smoothie that contains both soluble and insoluble fibre, wheat fibre, seaweed extract. Chicory root extract, konjac gum, gum arabic, and chia seed. It is consumed for better gut movement.

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9) Apple Fiber Enrich

Apple Fiber Enrich

Apple Fiber Enrich provides a combination of ingredients including psyllium husk, green apple, oat, chicory extract and cascara sagrada extract. It is mainly used to relieve mild constipation and improve intestinal flow.

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10) Celllabs HBF

Celllabs HBF​

Celllabs HBF is 100% extracted from more than 29 types of organic nutritious fruits and vegetables. It contains active enzyme, fibre, prebiotics, probitotics and phyto-nutrients. It helps to restore body function more efficiently by excreting waste products from body and improve absorption of nutrients. Phyto-nutrients can help in detoxifying bodies from chemicals and acids in daily exposure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fibre Supplements

It is recommended to take fibre supplements after dinner in the evening. Mix the content with a glass of warm or cold water if necessary.

The dosage required for each product is different. Always follow the directions as shown on the packaging and labels. Consult your pharmacist or doctor if necessary.

Almost all the fibre supplements are sourced from plant-based ingredients. However, make sure to check the table of contents and ingredients on the packaging before purchasing.

It is recommended to check with the pharmacy or local health authority to see if the product has halal certification before purchasing.

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