Blackmores Buffered C Review — Benefits, Price And More

blackmores buffered c review malaysia




What is Blackmores Buffered C?

Blackmores Buffered C is a slow release vitamin C supplement which ensures a prolonged delivery of vitamin C to your body over an 8 hour period. It is formulated with mineral ascorbates which makes it gentle on your stomach and fortified with bioflavonoids which enhance the action of vitamin C in your body.

What Are The Active Ingredients In Blackmores Buffered C?

Blackmores Buffered C (per tablet) contains Vitamin C 500mg (from Ascorbic acid 28 mg and Calcium ascorbate 266mg), Bioflavonoids extract 25mg, Hesperidin 25mg, Rosehips 250mg and Rutin 50mg.

What Are The Benefits Of Blackmores Buffered C?

Vitamin C plays an important role in many of our biological processes. It is important for immunity as it is involved in the function of white blood cells and antibodies.

Blackmores Buffered C Price In Malaysia

A twin bottle pack (120 + 120 tablets) of Blackmores Buffered C retails at a discounted price of RM136.90 on the esyms online pharmacy store. Sign up for free credit on your first purchase and save.

Blackmores Buffered C Promo Code

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Blackmores Buffered C FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Blackmores Buffered C. We will add more questions when they come.

For adults, take 1 tablet a day together with your meal.

The product is not recommended for children under 12 years. Keep out of reach of children.

It should be stored below 30 degree Celcius in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Blackmores Buffered C Review


I started taking these vitamins a few years ago after my friend suggested it to me. I kept getting severe tonsillitis and the antibiotics had no affect on me anymore. I highly recommend this product. I don’t get sick anymore. An amazing product I can’t live without.


I use this vitamin C all year round to help strengthen my immune system. It does more for me than getting a flu shot.


I look and feel more active and alert and I am able to take part in a super charged discussion.

Al O

This is my favorite. It is buffered, so it won’t cause stomach upset. It is also quite economical, and doesn’t taste too bad. Highly recommended.

Where To Buy Blackmores Buffered C In Malaysia?

You can purchase Blackmores Buffered C on the esyms online pharmacy store! Sign up for your free credit on your first purchase. Also, check out all our other great health supplements!

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9 thoughts on “Blackmores Buffered C Review — Benefits, Price And More”

  1. Can my daughter is 12 years old take this vitamin c? Cause they said 12 years below not suitable…how about my daughter already 12 years 3 month already

    1. Dear Fara,

      I would consider your daughter as an adult in this case. However, upon starting, if she has trouble tolerating the supplement (eg: stomach discomfort), it is advisable to stop and consult your nearest health care provider.

    1. Hi Feezar,

      Yes you may take these 2 together. Proviton only provides 30mg of Vitamin C, so you may consume additional Vitamin C from Buffered C.

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