Glucolin Malaysia Review: Benefits, Price And More

Feeling tired? Looking for a quick and nutritious energy boost? Glucolin Glucose is an energy supplement fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D. It is designed to give you a rapid energy boost when needed! Read our full guide below.




glucolin review

Glucolin Benefits

Glucolin is an energy supplement, designed to give you a rapid boost in energy every day. The energy comes from its ingredient— Dextrose monohydrate, which is a high-grade medicinal glucose who is easily absorbed in the body to be used as a source of energy.

Glucolin also contains calcium and Vitamin D which is beneficial for your bones and teeth. The Vitamin D component helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

Glucolin Ingredients

Here are the key active ingredients in Glucolin:

  • Dextrose monohydrate
  • Calcium glycerophosphate
  • Vitamin D
  • Tricalcium phosphate
  • Permitted emulsifier
  • Flavours, depending on Glucolin product range

Glucolin Products In Malaysia

Here are the most popular Glucolin Glukosa products in Malaysia which can be purchased from pharmacies or through the esyms online pharmacy.

1) Glucolin Blackcurrent

glucolin blackcurrent

Glucolin Blackcurrent is an excellent choice is you are looking for a blend of energy-supplying nutrients and fruity taste. A tub of 420g retails at a discounted price of RM14.50 on the esyms online pharmacy. 

2) Glucolin Orange

glucolin orange

Are you a fan of tangy orange taste? Glucolin Orange gives you all the benefits of Glucolin and comes in delicious, orange fruit flavour. A tub of 420g retails at a discounted price of RM14.50 on the esyms online pharmacy. 

3) Glucolin Original

glucolin original

They say nothing beats the original! Glucolin original is an essential energy supplement for family use, enriched with calcium and Vitamin D for bone health. A tub of 420g retails at a discounted price of RM14.50 on the esyms online pharmacy. 

Glucolin Promo Code

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Glucolin FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Glucolin. We will add more questions when they come.

Glucolin is basically a glucose-based energy drink and is safe for the whole family. It is not recommended if you are a diabetes patient as it contains dextrose, a form of sugar.

As Glucolin is a sugar-based energy drink, excessive intake can cause weight gain. Be sure to use moderately if weight gain is a concern.

It is generally safe for consumption with no severe side effects. It is not recommended for diabetic patients as it contains sugar.

Mix 2 tablespoons of Glucolin into a 200ml glass of water (1 serving).

Glucolin Reviews


Glucolin Glukosa adalah wajib ada dirumah. Ia mampu bekalkan glucose yang diperlukan dalam badan terutama ketika demam. Glucolin Glucose membuatkan badan bertenaga dan lebih kuat, rasa asli dan tidak manis.


Glucolin is rich with calcium and Vitamin D and provides great energy that makes me stay active always. I also feel good each time I consume this as it helps me stay healthy and prevent sickness. 


Glucolin Supplies my daily energy needs. I add two tablespoons to my water or milk on different days.

Where To Buy Glucolin In Malaysia?

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