Esyms: Malaysia's Leading Online Pharmacy

The Future of Healthcare In Malaysia

When you think of a pharmacy, what comes to mind?

Think of your journey to the pharmacy.

The tedious drive through Malaysian traffic. You’re late for a meeting but you urgently need a medication. You went around the block looking for a parking spot. 

Once, twice. 

You give up. 

You pulled up behind a car and slipped your number under the windscreen. It’s raining cats and dogs so you reach for your umbrella. You navigate through the numerous puddles and step into the shop

The pharmacy is packed with patrons. You’re in a rush, but there is a queue. 

You consider leaving, but you urgently need some medication. You pace around the shop restlessly as time ticks away. 

Finally, it’s your turn. You look at the pharmacist with hopeful eyes as you ask for your medication. You watch him shake his head in a seemingly slow motion fashion. 

Out of stock.

You then step out of the shop and breathe a heavy sigh. The world starts to crumble around you. You pull your hair in frustration…

…but those days might just be over!

Introducing esyms — Malaysia’s leading online pharmacy!

Backed by a team of certified pharmacists, the services provided are tailored with your wellbeing in mind. No more hassle as esyms brings the pharmacy to you, literally.

How, you ask?

Online pharmacy: With more than 6,000 healthcare products listed in the online pharmacy, you can pick your items and they will be delivered to your doorstep. All this in the comfort of your own home. Even better, you can have your items delivered to you in just 3 hours! Bid farewell to time wasted in traffic.

Pharmacy Consultation: We understand that the crux of a pharmacy is indeed the pharmacist. This is why we offer 24/7 professional pharmacy counselling. Consult a certified pharmacist via our live chat function and have your queries on supplements and medications answered anytime, anywhere. 

E-prescription: Wanting to buy your monthly medications and have them delivered straight to you? No fret! We are firm believers that medication is a crucial commodity which should be easily accessible to everyone. So simply upload your prescription and relax as our pharmacist deals with the rest of it.

Premium exclusive products: What sets us apart from your typical pharmacy is the range of unique products available in our online pharmacy. From the world’s first apple cider vinegar gummy to Australia’s number 1 skincare brand, you will be spoilt with choice as you browse our premium products, fully imported and genuine!

Esyms also helps our 200 partner pharmacies grow their businesses by connecting you to them. We believe that a thriving ecosystem is important for a healthy community. We want to give you the best possible online pharmacy experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Esyms Online Pharmacy

An online pharmacy is a place where you can get all the pharmacy services directly from your computer or mobile device. You are able to buy pharmacy products online, upload prescriptions or speak to a pharmacist and get health advice!

Short answer, YES. For medicines requiring a doctor’s prescription, you can upload your prescription via our e-prescription feature to purchase the medications.

Yes, you can access and talk to our certified, experienced pharmacists online via the esyms platform. We are here to serve you for all your healthcare needs!

Yes! Our healthcare consultation is free of charge.