Whistling Test Kit – Covid 19 Lollipop Test Kit Malaysia Review

Whistling Test Kit is Malaysia’s first Lollipop Antigen Test Kit designed for ease of use, fast results and high accuracy. It is a popular choice among adults who want an easy to use choice of antigen test kits for their children. Read our full guide and review here.


covid 19 whistling test kit review

About Whistling Test

The Whistling Test 2019-nCoV Saliva Ag Easy Test, also known as Whistling Test Kit or Lollipop Test Kit is a popular saliva testing kit for Covid 19 which is suitable for home use. It has received conditional approval from the Malaysian Device Authority (MDA) to be sold and used in Malaysia. (Ref: (22) MDA.600-1/6/27 Jld)

Features of Whistling Test Kit

What makes Whistling Test Kit (Lollipop Test Kit) so popular? Here are the key features of this antigen test kit:

  • Easy and simple to use via One-step test
  • It is comfortable: No complex and painful sampling
  • Accuracy more than 95%
  • Can be self-administered
  • Sensitivity 93.91%
  • Specificity 99.15%
  • Fast– Results in 10 minutes!

Benefits of Whistling Test Kit

Here are some of the benefits of using Whistling Test Kit:

  1. You can verify the authenticity of the kit by scanning the QR code on the box.
  2. Easy to use, just put it in your mouth instead of performing deep coughs or putting up your nose.
  3. Suitable for younger children where nasal swab or traditional saliva sampling methods are ineffective.
  4. Fast! Get your results in just 10 minutes. It’s quicker than the standard 15 minute wait time of other Antigen Test Kits.

Whistling Test Kit Price In Malaysia

The price of 1 box of 5 Whistling Test kits is RM39.90 on the esyms online pharmacy.

Whistling Test Kit Promo Code

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How To Use Whistling Test Kit?

Watch this video below to learn how to use the Whistling Covid Self-Test Kit, or browse our instructions below.

Whistling Test Kit instructions:

  1. Do not eat, drink or smoke for at least 30 minutes before the test.
  2. Wash your hands with soap before doing the test.
  3. Scan the QR code to confirm the test kit’s authenticity.
  4. Insert the absorbent tip inside your mouth, underneath your tongue.
  5. Ensure the midstream is horizontally placed.
  6. Do not suck or bite the absorbent tip.
  7. Take out the absorbent tip out from the mouth when the purple colour moves across the result window.
  8. Place the midstream on a flat surface.
  9. Wait for 10 minutes to read the result.
  10. If there are 2 red lines, it means that the result is Covid positive.
  11. If there is just 1 line on top (C), the result is negative.
  12. If there is just 1 line at the bottom (T) or if both lines are invisible, it means the test is invalid and must be repeated.
  13. If there are 2 lines and the bottom line is faint (T), it is positive.

Whistling Test Kit FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Whistling Test Kit. We will add more questions as they come.

You should store it at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture, or heat. Do not freeze it. Keep the device sealed until use.

Whistling Lollipop Test Kit is suitable for kids aged 2 and above with adult supervision.

The relative sensitivity is 93.91% and relative specificity is 99.15%.

Yes. There is no problem with doing so. Normally you will see the faint purple band around 2 to 3 minutes after putting the absorber underneath your tongue.


Whistling Test Kit Reviews

Names changed to protect anonymity.


Awesome! The response was really fast.


The self test kit is suitable for those who have small kids. No need to collect saliva sample into a container.

Senang digunakan untuk kanak-kanak berbanding dengan test RTK yang lain. Result RTK juga sangat valid dan reliable.

Where To Buy Whistling Test Kits In Malaysia?

You can purchase Whistling Test Kits on the esyms online pharmacy store! Sign up for your free credit on your first purchase so you can save! Also, check out all our other great health supplements!

Buy Whistling Test Kit

whistling test kit

RM 39.90 only for a box of 5's

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