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profortil review malaysia




About Profortil

Profortil is produced by Lenus Pharma, a pharmaceutical company based in Austria. Profortil is a health supplement product that is used to treat male infertility problems and improve the quality of sperm. Factors leading to male infertility include limited production of sperm, disrupted sperm transport, poor movement of sperm after ejaculation, Oat Syndrome (a three-dimensional pathological change in sperm), and damaged DNA strands carried by sperm.

Limited numbers of sperm produced normally occur due to stress, infections, hormonal disorders, diabetes, operated tumors, location of anomalies, genetic factors, environmental factors, and alcohol or drug abuse whereas disturbed transport of sperm are caused by inflammation, genetic disorders, and varicoceles (varicose veins). It is shown that Profortil takes at least 3 months to remarkably improve sperm quality.

Profortil Active Ingredients

Profortil comes in vegecapsules that act as a dietary supplement that are rich in micronutrients. Profortil contains L-carnitine, L-arginine, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Vitamin E, zinc, Vitamin B9 (folic acid), glutathione, and selenium.

Profortil Benefits

L-carnitine is the source of energy substrate for sperm cells as well as aids in improving sperm motility and survival. L-arginine is a type of amino acid that is used to ensure the health and function of sperm. CoQ10 generates energy and increases the motility of sperm as well as fertilization rate.

Vitamin E is a vital micronutrient that helps sperm cells to penetrate through egg cells while zinc can increase the density of sperm and level of testosterone hormone in males’ bodies. Besides that, folic acid improves the quantity, quality, and health of sperm. Selenium is involved in normal spermatogenesis (the process of production of sperm) whereas glutathione is an essential component for the production of sperm. On top of that, Profortil is lactose-free so it can be taken by lactose intolerant individual groups.

In general, Profortil works in optimizing the quality of sperm and male fertility. 2 capsules are taken per day after meal for at least 3 months to achieve desired nutritional support.

Profortil Side Effects

No significant side effects are observed after taking Profortil. However, please be cautious if you are on Warfarin therapy and consult your doctor before taking Profortil.

Profortil Price In Malaysia

60 tablets of Profortil retails at a discounted price of RM 390.00 on Esyms online store. You can buy Profortil online in Malaysia via esyms.

Profortil FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Profortil. We will add more questions when they come.

Profortil is taken two tablets once daily with water for at least three months.

Profortil is recommended to be taken after meals.

Avoid taking warfarin at the same time without medical advice from the doctor. Please take note that Profortil does not substitute your daily diet.

It is a capsule made of cellulose, which is a material of vegetable origin.

It is best stored at room temperature in a cool and dry place.

Profortil Reviews


Have been taking PROfortil for a while. So far, am satisfied with the results.


Had good results after only 60 days, semen test improved.


Was told that my sperm count was low but my semen was OK so we decided to try natural options to improve fertility levels. Six months later and with no medical intervention I was retested and my sperm count was noticeably improved, one month later my wife was pregnant. She is 4 months now and we are both thankful for the improvements made by this supplement.

Where To Buy Profortil Online In Malaysia?

You can buy Profortil online via the esyms online pharmacy store! Sign up for your free credit on your first purchase so you can save. Also, check out all our other great health supplements!

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