Nixoderm Review Malaysia: Ingredients, Price And Benefits

nixoderm review malaysia




Nixoderm Overview

Nixoderm has a range of products targeted for acne and fungal infections. Nixoderm was invented by an American physician more than 50 years ago and has become a household name in treating skin problems effectively. There are three main products, namely Nixoderm ointment, Nixoderm sulfur and salicylic acid soap, and Nixoderm sulfur soap. Nixoderm is beneficial in the following conditions:



Eczema is a type of skin condition where patches of skin are inflamed and become itchy, cracked and rough. Eczema is usually caused by genetic factors and environmental factors such as irritants (soaps, detergents, shampoos and juices from plants), allergens (dust mites, pets, pollens and mould), microbes (Staphylococcus aureus, virus and fungi) as well as temperature (perspiration from exercise, high humidity, very cold or very hot weather). In most cases, the symptoms of eczema are mild, including flushed skin, dry and scaly skin, flushing as well as open, crusted or weeping sores. 

Foot Itch

Foot itch is normally caused by exposure to moisture, dry environment, irritant when walking barefoot and infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. However, there are still some other underlying diseases that will cause foot itch, including diseases (liver disease, cancer, kidney disease and many more), skin conditions (athlete’s foot, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin and so on) and exposure to irritants. Common symptoms of foot itch are blisters, itching, rashes, redness, swelling, white spots and dry, scale-like plaque.


Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin that may affect scalp, feet, nails, groin, beards and other areas. Common symptoms of ringworm include plaques (red, itchy or scaly patches), patches that develop blisters, and patches that resemble a ring and with defined edges. Three different types of fungi can cause ringworm: Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. These fungi live for an extended period in soil and infect individuals after direct contact with soil.

Nixoderm Active Ingredients

nixoderm ointment

Nixoderm Ointment 

Active ingredients in Nixoderm ointment include benzoic acid 6%, salicylic acid 2.5% and precipitated sulphur 4.6%. Benzoic acid has antifungal properties that can be used to treat fungal infection whereas precipitated sulphur has mild antiseptic properties and is targeted for fungal infection and killing parasites. Salicylic acid is a keratogenic agent that can treat and prevent acne. 

Nixoderm Sulfur and Salicylic Acid Soap

Nixoderm Sulphur and Salicylic Acid Soap is a keratolytic soap which contains 8.5% precipitated sulfur and 2% salicylic acid that exfoliates dead skin cells and kills germs.

Nixoderm Sulfur Soap

Nixoderm sulfur soap is specially formulated with 10% precipitated sulfur to protect skin from bacteria. Sulfur has antibacterial properties which make it effective in treating skin conditions such as acne and hair bumps by killing germs.

Nixoderm Benefits

Nixoderm ointment is used to treat externally caused pimples, blackheads, itching, rashes and ringworm of skin as well as the scalp. It is a firm ointment that adheres to the skin. Its formulation will keep its active ingredients in contact with the skin for an extended period. As a result, it gives a better treatment effect compared to liquids or thin, greasy applications that run off easily. 

On the other hand, Nixoderm Sulphur and Salicylic Acid Soap can help to relieve acne and common skin problems. Besides that, it also can be used to relieve body odour and skin softening. Nixoderm Sulphur Soap helps to prevent clogged pores, relieve pimples on face and body as well as protect from bad body odour. It also contains an emollient for skin softening.

How To Use Nixoderm

Nixoderm ointment is used to treat eczema, pimples and rashes. Apply a generous amount of Nixoderm to ensure that the entire surface is covered. This can be done twice daily in the morning and evening, for seven days then discontinued for three days and resumed for another seven days. The treatment is continued until the affected area has recovered.

Nixoderm ointment can also be used for the treatment of foot itch. Nixoderm ointment is applied twice daily onto affected areas and specifically on areas between the toes.

The treatment plan should be done for seven consecutive days, then discontinued for three days and resumed for the following seven days.

It is recommended to continue the treatment for three weeks after the symptoms are resolved because foot itch is one of the most stubborn skin conditions that will re-emerge again even after recovery.

Nixoderm ointment is also effective against ringworm conditions by applying the ointment twice daily for seven days, then stop for three days and resume for the further seven days. The treatment pattern should be continued as long as it is necessary because ringworm is also one of the most stubborn skin diseases. 

Regular use of Nixoderm Sulphur Soap can help to maintain healthier and smoother skin. Both Nixoderm Sulphur Soap as well as Nixoderm Sulphur and Salicylic Acid Soap can be used twice daily during the shower for optimum results and healthier skin. 

Nixoderm Promo Code

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Nixoderm Price

Nixoderm Ointment retails at a discounted price of RM6.80 on Esyms online store. 100g of Nixoderm Sulphur and Salicylic Acid Soap sells at a discounted price of RM 12.50 whereas the price for 100g of Nixoderm Sulphur Soap is RM15.50 on Esyms online store.

Nixoderm FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Nixoderm. We will add more questions when they come.

If you forget to use your cream at a certain time, use your cream immediately. However, if it is nearly time for your next application, skip the missed application.

If you applied excessively for only a few occasions, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you have prolonged excessive usage or accidentally swallowed the product, it could make you ill. If you are not feeling well, consult your doctor or go to the hospital as soon as possible.

It is best stored in a tightly closed container and shielded from sunlight, below the temperature of 30 °C.

There are no reported side effects for the product. However, always consult a doctor if you experience any side effects or adverse drug reactions.

Nixoderm Reviews

Raymond W.

This product is wonderful! I tend to get tenacious ringworms, which is VERY difficult to kill. Normally, I have to use multiple products for months in order to kill the fungus. However, I received this product 2 days ago, and I can already see major improvement!

Ena L.

I have had ring-worms all over my body for months now. Leading up to a year. I’ve been to a doctor and they prescribed an ointment which I’ve used until it finished and still the ring-worms were there. I purchased this and used it for exactly 2 weeks till I started seeing results. When applied to the body it has a little burn sensation. My ringworm scars were already fading! Within 2 weeks!

Gracie L.

This made my stubborn 3-year long athletes foot better after many other products have failed. Soothes the itching and burning and significantly and decreases the scaly-ness.

John N.

After several dermatologist visits with resulting prescriptions not helping, I saw an ad for Nixoderm. Within a couple of weeks with twice daily applications my ultra-itchy and sleepless-causing rash was a thing of the past. It goes on any skin problem I’ve had in the last 12 years!

Where To Buy Nixoderm In Malaysia?

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