Fortelle Malaysia Guide – Fortelle + Omega 3 Review

Fortelle is the latest non-hormonal fertility supplement to hit the shelves of pharmacies. It’s by the same company that produces Profortil, the male fertility supplement counterpart. In this guide and review, we’ll go through the essentials of Fortelle such as uses and benefits, reviews, prices and more.


fortelle review

What Is Fortelle?

Fortelle is a non-hormonal women’s fertility supplement to help support fertility, improve embryo quality and increase the probability of successful conception.

What Causes Infertility?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the cause of infertility lies equally between men and women. For women, there are many factors why a person cannot conceive such as irregular menstrual cycles, age, or implantation of the fertilised egg on the uterine lining. Studies show that there is a reduction in fertility in women above 30.

How Does Fortelle Work?

Fortelle works by supporting the implantation of the egg cell in the uterine lining.

What Are The Benefits Of Fortelle?

There are 3 main benefits to Fortelle:

1) Improved conditions for implantation Fortelle helps develop the uterine lining for improved conditions for embryo implantation.

2) Supports embryonic development  Creates the conditions for reducing the risk of a neural tube defect before pregnancy and supports healthy brain and vision development.

3) The health of the expectant mother – Fortelle can also reduce the risk of preeclampsia (pregnancy poisoning) or premature birth.

Fortelle Dose - How Should I Take It?

Fortelle is taken once daily (one soft capsule and one tablet together) after food.

Fortelle Ingredients

  • Folic Acid
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin E
  • Catechins (green tea leaf extract)
  • Co-Enzyme Q10
  • EPA
  • DHA

Fortelle Price In Malaysia

You can purchase Fortelle at a discounted price of RM360 on the esyms online pharmacy. Each box contains 28 tablets of Fortelle and another 28 soft gel capsules of Omega-3.

Fortelle Promo Code

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Fortelle Reviews

*Names anonymized. Results are based on users own experiences and should not be substituted for professional medical advice.


I am pregnant!!! … what I know for sure is that after 9 years of trying to conceive – including failed treatments and no answers/reasons ever given for my failures – after 3 months of taking these tablets, alongside my husband taking Profortil, I’ve become pregnant naturally.


I really do feel Fortelle helped a lot in facilitating conception. We highly recommend it.


I didn’t have a menstrual period for a long time. My gynaecologist recommended these tablets. I’ve been taking them for 5 months and my period is slowly coming back. These tablets definitely help, and I would recommend them to any woman struggling with similar issues!

I Am Thinking Of Starting Fortelle. Where Can I Get Health Advice?

Kindly consult our esyms pharmacists via our telepharmacy service.

Where To Buy Fortelle In Malaysia?

You can purchase Fortelle + Omega 3 on the esyms online pharmacy store! Sign up for your free credit on your first purchase so you can save on your first purchase. Also, check out all our other great health supplements!

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