Salixium Saliva And Nasal Antigen Test Kit Review

Salixium Saliva And Nasal Antigen Test Kit is a popular Covid-19 Home Self-Test Kit in Malaysia. It is one of the newer generation RTK tests which utilizes swab tests and do not require users to cough and spit saliva into a test tube. Read our full guide to learn about how to use and read reviews from other users.

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salixium review

About Salixium

Salixium is the first Malaysian-made Rapid Antigen Home-Testing Kit (RTK Test). It is non-intrusive, easy-to-use and allows you to get high accurate Covid-19 self-test results in just 15 minutes. The creator of Salixium is Reszon Diagnostics International Sdn Bhd. Established since 2010,  the company develops and manufactures a portfolio of innovative in vitro diagnostics (IVD), rapid test kits and ELISA kits for medical professionals and clinical diagnostic markets worldwide.

Features of Salixium Home Test Kit

Salixium Rapid Antigen Home Test Kit allows you to accurately and safely test for Covid-19 from the comfort of your home. Here are the features of the test:

  • Sensitivity: >91%
  • Specificity: 100%
  • Test Time: 15 Minutes
  • Storage Condition: 4 – 30 °C
  • CE-IVD: Marked
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months
  • Sample Type: Saliva and anterior nasal swab specimen

Benefits of Salixium Home Test Kit

Here are some of the benefits of using Salixium Home Test Kit:

  1. Enhanced detection rate through combining nasal and saliva swab. The product claims that nasal swab or saliva swab alone has risks of not detecting enough viral load. Hence, by combining the two, it will result in a more accurate reading and better detection rate.
  2. Comes with an app (mySALIXIUM) which syncs with mySejahtera. This allows every single test result to be tracked and traced accurately to ensure end-to-end traceability stemming from manufacturing site to end user and automatically reports to Ministry of Health Malaysia. 
  3. Every product comes with a QR code which allows you to authenticate the product via the mySALIXIUM app. Thus, you will know if the product you bought is authentic.

Salixium Price In Malaysia

The current retail price for a single box (one test) is RM9.50. You can shop for Salixium Antigen Test Kits on esyms.

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How To Use Salixium Home Test Kit?

salixium antigen test instructions

The Salixium test kit contains 4 components:

  1. Test Device (Sealed in a foil pouch)
  2. Extraction buffer tube and dripper
  3. Disposable swabs (In sterile packing)
  4. Waste bag
Before starting the test, make sure you do not eat, smoke, chew or drink any beverages for at least 30 minutes before testing. Plain water is fine. Wash your hands with soap or sanitizer and warm water before you begin.
The first step is to take out the extraction buffer tube and place it within the Tube Holder behind the box.
Then, carefully remove one of the swabs from the sterile packaging, making sure the fabric swab does not touch any surface or object.
Swab the fabric tip on the inside of your left cheek (between the cheek and the gum) by rubbing up and down for at least 5 times.
Repeat the same procedure for the right cheek. Finally, use the same swab and swab your palate for 5 times.
Put Swab 1 into the extraction tube containing the buffer.
Take the second swab and insert the fabric tip into 1 nostril until you feel a slight resistance and swab gentle. It should be around 2 cm up your nose. Roll the swab around the inside of the nostril, making 5 complete circles.
Repeat with the other nostril using the same swab. The step may be a little uncomfortable, but not painful.
Once done, put swab 2 into the same extraction tube with buffer.
Immerse the swab heads in the extraction buffer completely and mix vigorously at least 10 times.
Squeeze liquid from both swabs to keep the solution in the tube as much as possible and then discard the swabs in the waste bags provided.
Cover the tube with the dripper head firmly, tap the tube and mix the sample solution thoroughly.
After the sample solution is ready, immediately start the assay procedure. Remove the test device from the pouch and lay it on a clean, flat work surface. You can label your test device with your name and date.
Add 2 drops of the sample solution to the sample well, ensuring that there are no air bubbles. The sample will start moving up the device membrane. After 15 minutes, the result will be ready.
Analyzing The Result
If 2 colored bands appear, you should immediately go for a PCR test to confirm your result. You should also self-isolate to prevent spreading the virus to others.
If only 1 line is visible, that means Covid-19 infection is undetected. However, if you still experience symptoms, it is recommended to go for a PCR test to confirm the result.
If there is only 1 line on “T” and no line on “C”, it means the result is invalid and you are required to repeat the test using a new test device.

Salixium Antigen Test Kit FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Salixium home test kit. We will add more questions as they come.

You should store it at 4-30 degrees celsius, do not freeze. Keep the device sealed until use and also away from direct sunlight, moisture or heat.

Salixium is suitable for adults 18 and above. For teenagers aged 12-17, collection may be done with adult supervision. For kids 2-11 years old, adults should do the test on them. Do not use on anyone under 2 years of age.

The relative sensitivity is 91.23% and relative specificity is 100%.

Salixium Test Kit Reviews

Names changed to protect anonymity.


Super easy to use with very clear instructions. Will recommend to others to buy just to be on the safe side.


Item in good condition and easy to use by following the instructions given.

The antigen test kit is easy to use and accurate. The leaflet instructions are precise and easily understood.

Where To Buy Salixium Test Kits In Malaysia?

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