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How does Grabmeds™ work?

GrabMeds is a service in Malaysia which lets you order medications online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. You can get prescription medications by uploading a copy of your prescription in the order form. To get started, simply fill in the medicines order form below.

1) Fill Up Form 

Please ensure that all the relevant information is filled up correctly.

2) Snap & Upload Prescription

Kindly ensure the details of the prescription including signature by prescriber is visible on the uploaded image(s).

3) Review & Confirmation

Our pharmacist will review your prescription and contact you for further verification.

4) Secured Payment

Once transaction is created, you may proceed with payment via the esyms app / web through secure payment gateway.

5) Delivery

Receive your medications at the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Medicine Delivery Service

Yes, you are required to upload clear images of your prescription in order to get medicines delivered via our service.

The GrabMeds service is free, however you are required to pay for your medications and other associated fees.

This service is brought to your by esyms — Malaysia’s leading online pharmacy. You can read more about us on our website esyms.com.

Patients can choose to schedule delivery of medication. They will receive medications as soon as 3 hours or schedule according to their preferred time.

The medication will be held by esyms and the patient will have to re-arrange another delivery with our Customer Representative. Additional charges may be incurred.

Patient can contact esyms pharmacists via WhatsApp at 0186670960 or email directly to hello@esyms.com for any enquiry.

All medications delivered through GrabMeds will be sourced from Esyms Partner Pharmacies with a valid Poison A License granted by the Ministry of Health (MOH). All medications will be delivered alongside a document indicating the source of the medication (eg. ABC Pharmacy). Each medication will also contain an MAL number (registration number). You may check product registration information at https://www.npra.gov.my/index.php/en/consumers/information/products-search

You can simply get connected to our in-house pharmacists by clicking this link. All pharmacists partnered with Esyms are registered with MOH with a valid Rph number.

Yes! GrabMeds services extend to temperature-sensitive medications (cold-chain) such as insulin, eye drops, syrups, etc. The whole process is handled carefully in accordance to the cold-chain management guideline as required by MOH.

At Esyms, your privacy and security are extremely important to us. We are committed to protect the confidentiality of your personal and restrict patient information. This information is kept private, unless consent is granted by the patient. Read our privacy policy here.

Here are some of the medications you can get via our medicine delivery service...

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