Best Vitamins And Supplements For Kids In Malaysia

Looking for Vitamins and Supplements for Kids? Our guide provides recommendations for some of the best supplements and vitamins for children. Read more and shop online directly on the esyms online pharmacy.


Best Vitamins And Supplements For Kids In Malaysia


Children need plenty of vitamins and minerals for body growth and development. Among the many vitamins and minerals, some of them are considered as more important in promoting growth, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12, calcium and iron.

Vitamin A is used for promoting normal growth and development, repairing tissue and bone, maintaining healthy skin, eyes and immune system.

Vitamin B family is important to promote metabolism, circulatory system, nervous system, healthy muscles, teeth and bones.

Calcium aids in building strong bones especially during the adolescent period. On the other hand, iron builds muscles and produces healthy red blood cells. Vitamins and minerals are generally recommended to be obtained through diet but a lot of children are fussy eaters and this is where vitamins and supplements can come in to provide the necessary nutrients.

Top 15 Vitamins And Supplements For Kids in Malaysia (Updated 2022)

We’ve compiled a list of the best vitamins and supplements for children to buy in Malaysia. Check it out below:

1) Vitahealth Kids Multivits Plus Lysine & Inulin

Vitahealth Kids Multivits Plus Lysine & Inulin

Vitahealth Kids Multivitis plus Lysine & Inulin is an orange-flavoured nutritional syrup that aimed for boosting energy and supporting growth and development. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, folic acid, lysine and inulin. Lysine and inulin, which are two of their main unique selling points, are prebiotics that promote the growth of good bacteria in the intestine and improve gut function.

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2) True Functional Foods Oxxy Kids Immune Booster

2) True Functional Foods Oxxy Kids Immune Booster​

Oxxy Kids Immune Booster is natural product which can boost up your child’s immune system. Its ingredients are based on a mediterranean diet. When taken daily, fulfills a 5-day recommendation in terms of antioxidant potency. The supplement consists of a selection of 22 natural extracts and concentrates from fruit and vegetable, providing an amount of total polyphenols higher than 75% with an ORAC value of 5 tm.

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3) Apogen DHA Formula

Apogen DHA Formula

Apogen DHA Formula is a nutrition supplement extracted from FEM-101 microalgae, which is blue-green algae rich in nutrients and known as a superfood. The nutrients contained in one serving of Apogen is equivalent to 450 tablets of spirulina. It is taken to help in supporting the body’s natural immune system and preventing viral intestinal pathogens such as Enterovirus and Coxsackie virus.

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4) Champs Vitamin C 100mg

champs vitamin c 100mg

Champs Vitamin C is a well-known product used as a health supplement for children 12 years old and below. It comes with Vitamin C or ascorbic acid that is commonly found in oranges, lemons, limes, grapes, leafy green vegetables and potatoes. Vitamin C has the highest daily requirement among all the vitamins so sufficient daily intake is important.

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5) Blackmores Kids Multivitamins + Minerals

Blackmores Kids Multivitamins And Minerals

Blackmores Kids Multivitamins + Minerals is a supplement that contains 18 essential nutrients for body development, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, calcium, biotin, manganese, thiamine, nicotinamide, pyridoxine, folic acid, iodine, iron, magnesium and zinc.

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6) Salus Kindervital

salus kindervital

Salus Kindervital is a liquid herbal tonic supplement that contains vitamins and minerals specialized for bone and tissue building such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. It is iron-free because iron will compete with calcium during the absorption process.

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7) Scott's DHA Gummies

Scott’s DHA is gummies that are designated especially for children. It applies the microencapsulated DHA technique that locks all the nutrients and DHA from fish oil while preventing the fishy taste. It contains omega-3 fatty acids which include 105mg DHA and 45mg EPA. It also contains vitamin D that is important to help in supporting the growth and development of bone in children.

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8) Biogrow Probiotics Kids Powder

biogrow probiotics kids powder

Biogrow Probiotics Kids Powder is specially formulated for growing children especially those who get ill easily, with poor intestinal health, poor digestion and appetite problems. It contains 3 different probiotic strains, namely Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobaccilus paracasei subsp paracasei, D-mannitol and 500mg prebiotic inulin. It can improve bowel movement, encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and support child growth.

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9) Appeton Multivitamin Lysine

appeton multivamin lysine

Appeton Multivitamin Lysine is a supplement that can help to improve children’s appetite and encourage healthy growth and development of the body. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin B6, nicotinamide, pantothenic acid and lysine (essential amino acid) that improves muscle growth and better absorption of food.

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10) Scott’s Emulsion Vita Orange

scotts emulsion vita orange

Scott’s Emulsion Vita Orange is extracted from cod liver oil which is a rich source of vitamin A, D and calcium hypophosphite. Vitamins contained in the cod liver oil can be easily absorbed in the emulsion state.

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11) Nova Juvita Plus Multivitamins

nova juvita plus

Nova Juvita Plus Multivitamins is a chewable multivitamin that includes a combination of 10 essential vitamins and plant nutrients extracted from marigold and roselle to promote the growth of children. It contains vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin C, bioflavonoids, roselle extract and marigold extract.

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12) Bioplus Elderberry Gummy

Bio+ Junior ElderBerry Gummy

Bio+ ElderBerry Gummy with Zinc & Vitamin C aids recovery from common colds and flu, protects the respiratory tract, and boosts immunity for kids. Elderberry has been widely used to combat cold and flu in European countries for centuries. For children 2-4 years of age, take 2 gummies daily. For children 4 years & above, up to 4 gummies daily.

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13) Bioplus Pre+Probiotic With Lysine And Ascorbic Acid

bioplus pre+probiotic with lysine and ascorbic acid

This is an all-in-one supplement for kids. Pre and Probiotics help with maintaining a healthy gut. Lysine improves your child’s appetite and helps with calcium absorption. Ascorbic acid boosts immunity and helps fight against common illnesses. Dosage: For children 2-12 years old, 1-2 sachets (2g/sachet), twice daily after meals. Recommended to mix the powder with 100ml of water.

Buy Bioplus Pre+Probiotic With Lysine And Ascorbic Acid

14) Appeton Multivitamin Optigrow Plus

Appeton Multivitamin Optigrow Plus

Appeton Multivitamin Optigrow Plus contains essential multivitamins to support over health in kids. It comes fortified with calcium to support development of healthy and strong bones and teeth, especially in this important growth and development stage. Vitamin D and Magnesium aids in calcium absorption to further help physical development in kids. For Children 1 to 8 years old, take 1-2 tablets daily. For children 9 years old & above: 2-4 tablets daily.

Buy Appeton Multivitamin Optigrow Plus

15) Vitasen Daily Multivitamin + Lysine

Vitasen Daily Multivitamin Plus Lysine

Vitasen Daily Multivitamin Plus Lysine contains essential vitamins for children’s overall health and wellbeing. It also contains lysine which improves appetite and help with calcium absorption. A solid multivitamin supplement for your little ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Childrens' Supplements

Questions about children’s supplements? We’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions about kids supplements here. When in doubt, you may consult our pharmacists for free via our telepharmacy service.

The instructions for each product is different. Always refer to the instructions as shown on the labels before consuming. Consult your pharmacist or doctor if necessary.

Vitamins and supplements should be taken according to the health labels. If you have any allergies, be sure to check the ingredients first. It is especially important to check the appropriate dosage for children of different ages. When in doubt, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking.

Most of the vitamins are sourced from plant-based ingredients while some of the supplements may be sourced from animals such as Omega-3 supplements from fish. Please read the table of contents and ingredients on the packaging before purchasing or consuming.

It is recommended to check with the pharmacy or local health authority to see if the product has halal certification before purchasing.

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