The Essential Guide to Collagen Supplements in Malaysia

collagen malaysia review


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Collagen, the most abundant component of the skin, is the protein that determines skin condition, by maintaining skin structure and enabling functions to take place. External factors (smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, sun exposure etc) and internal factors (aging, genetic factor, nutrient deficiency etc) will cause collagen formation decrease, thus causing decline in elasticity and formation of lines and wrinkles. The skin will become thinner and dry due to loss of collagen. Due to this, a lot of people are looking for collagen products and supplements to battle skin aging and get the skin back to its youthful state.

Type Of Collagen

There are 28 types of collagen discovered but only five of them are classified to be among the most common, including type I collagen, type II collagen, type III collagen, type V collagen and type X collagen. Type I collagen is the most prevalent protein found in humans. It helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails so deficiency of type I collagen will cause brittle nails, thinning hair and sagging skin. Type II collagen can be found mainly in the cartilage and it helps to form cartilage and support healthy joints. Type III collagen concentrates in reticular fibres such as in bone marrow while Type V collagen functions to create cells of pregnant women’s placenta and forms cell surfaces and hair. Type X collagen is a protein found in normal joint cartilage.

Collagen Benefits

Collagen is important in the strengthening of skin while maintaining elasticity and hydration. It is shown that collagen supplements can help slow down the aging process by decreasing the formation of wrinkles and dry skin. Besides that, collagen helps to maintain coherence of cartilage and protect your joints. As you get older, there is less amount of collagen in your body which leads to degenerative joint disorder like osteoarthritis.

This is where collagen supplements comes in— To improve symptoms of joint disorder and reduce joint pain. In general, collagen is important to maintain skin and bone health, improve joint pain while increasing muscle and bone growth.

Best Collagen Supplements In Malaysia

Even though you can obtain many types of collagen from your diet, it may not be sufficient. Collagen supplements  have become a popular choice and will often contain some or all of these collagen sources in one product. They are generally safe and convenient for normal use. A variety of collagen products are available in Malaysia market from collagen drinks, powders, pills to collagen cream.

Collagen cream is collagen supplement that is applied on to skin to help to slow skin aging. Collagen tablets and powder are usually derived from animal tissues such as cattle and fish. The protein is converted into gelatine and further broken down into powder form during manufacturing process. In contrast, collagen drink, a ready-to-drink liquid product, is derived from fish and manufactured through breaking down of collagen fibres into collagen peptides, a small collagen chain in the hydrolysis process.

Esyms is has partnered with the largest network of independent pharmacies in Malaysia. Through our extensive network and knowledge of pharmacy products in Malaysia, we’ve curated the list of the Best Collagen Supplements in Malaysia.


1) Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond 5300mg Drink

Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink​

This Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300mg Drink contains collagen peptide with a smaller molecular structure for better absorption. Hydrolysed collagen, or also known as collagen peptide, are more easily absorbed by the body compared to collagen. It helps to promote collagen production in our body and reduce wrinkles and dryness of our skin. It also contains Vitamin C and is 100% natural— manufactured from apple, lemon and lychee extract.

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2) Blackmores Collagen 10000mg

blackmores collagen review

Blackmores Collagen drink is made with collagen derived from high quality fish collagen extraction techniques to supply nutrients and protein the skin and body needs without any fishy taste! It also includes grape seed extract and Vitamin E to promote regeneration of skin and it is known to provide he best fish collagen for our skin.

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3) Total Image Collagen Drink

total image collagen drink

The Total Image Collagen Drink is packed with 5000mg marine fish collagen. It helps to reduce wrinkles, saggy skin and undereye bags. In long term consumption, it will also improve strength of hair, nails and joints. It is known as one of the best collagen drinks for joints. 

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4) GNC Lac Taut Collagen Drink

GNC Lac Taut Collagen

GNC Lac Taut Collagen Drink is derived from fish, shark cartilage extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamins to moisturise deeper layer of skin for youthful and hydrated skin. The hyaluronic acid and amino acid content help to repair the damaged collagen fibres of our skin.

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5) Nova Collagen Oral Powder

nova collagen oral powder

Nova Collagen is made from premium grade hydrolysed fish collagen that formulated using low glycaemic technologies which makes it suitable for everyone including those who have diabetes. There is no fishy smell in this powder.

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6) Kordel’s Hyaluronic Acid with Collagen Capsule

Kordel’s Hyaluronic Acid with Collagen Capsule​

Kordel’s Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Capsule includes chicken sternum which provide Type II collagen and chicken comb extract that provide hyaluronic acid. Type II collagen is the most abundant structural protein found in cartilage joint while hyaluronic acid is found mainly in synovial fluid in joint. In short, this product is recommended for those who are looking for a safe joint supplement for joint care protection.

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7) Bio-Essence Bio Bounce Collagen Essence Cream

Bio-Essence Bio Bounce Collagen Essence Cream​

This Bio-Essence Bio Bounce Collagen Essence Cream combines the effects of both moisturizer and essence, providing skin with intense nourishment and hydration.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen

Here are the commonly asked questions about collagen supplements, drinks and products.

Do collagen supplements have any side effects?

Collagen supplements are made of common food allergen sources such as fish, milk and more. So those who are allergic to these foods should check the ingredient list before consuming any product.

Should I take collagen supplements before or after meal?

It is recommended to take collagen supplements with an empty stomach for better absorption. So, take it before breakfast in the morning, or at night before sleep.

What is the dose for collagen supplement?

The dosage required for each product is different. Always follow the direction as shown on the packaging and labels.

Are collagen supplements vegetarian-friendly?

Make sure to check the ingredient list before purchasing. Most of the collagen supplements available in the market are animal-based but there are still some of the products that are made from plant proteins.

Are collagen supplements halal?

It is recommended to check with the pharmacy or local health authority to see if the product has halal certification before purchasing.